What I am In The Class

So today in Language arts class we were talking about a quote from Patty Mills of the San Antonio Spurs. We were assigned to write about our role in the class. I hope you all enjoy.https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C6dHBqHVMAIQ42q.jpg

I believe I’m the helper, because whenever someone needs help I’m always there and people always ask me questions. The attributes I have of a helper are I’m always answering questions, I try to help as much as I can, and trusted by lots of people. Sure I do other things, but I help the most.

On any assignment we do I’m always asked to check their reports. One time my friend Clay asked me to check his Ancient Egypt essay at the beginning of the first part of the 3rd nine weeks. I really like helping people, but my class work comes first. This is why I think I’m the role of the helper.


Here’s the site for the image: http://www.thereadingworkshop.com/2017/03/being-part-of-team.html

Here’s Clay’s site: http://clay6666.edublogs.org/

My Little Sibling

I have a only one sibling, but she absolutely EVIL!!! Her name is Maddie. I mean her name is Maddie sound it out Mad-die it scares me to think about it.  Some of you might know her, but I know most of you don’t.

Lots of people have siblings. Some siblings get along and some share mutual hate for each other. My sister and I share mutual hate for each other, but sometimes the uncommon I’ll be nice to you if you give me something. Any of you with siblings reading this I feel bad for you.

My sister is always complaining over this and that. People might think well it might be over big things, but trust me their not. Like the weekly hisseyfit over me being closer to the Xbox or complaining over my school day is shorter than hers. It’s just ridiculous.


Opportunity vs Obligation

If I knew I could do anything I’d strive for greatness. I’d try my best at everything. I’d work at  thing constantly. I know I can achieve greatness if I try.

If I could do anything it would be getting a masters degree in college when I get older. The only reason for me wanting it is so I can get a job as a prosecuting attorney. The only way to get into a good college is becoming successful in school.Image result for pictures of schools

As a kid I have to go to school, but I think of it as a opportunity to try to brighten my horizon. The only way to achieve greatness is to go to school get an education and be inspired at least that’s how I feel. The old me would have said no to school, but me now would say yes.

Since I’m a kid I need to set a strait path for success or else I’ll end up working at a fast food restaurant.  I always try to strive for success, but sometimes I fall short. The thing is I could always try harder next time.


I Hate It When My Sister Plays Her Recorder

So my sister is in the fourth grade so they’re required to play the recorder. It’s terrible, because I remember when I had to play it and when I first started I sounded one-thousand times better than her now. The thing is she just doesn’t care so she could have an F in the class and she would just come home and start playing it just to annoy me.

The thing is my sister naturally hates me so I’ll be doing my homework and then I’ll hear SSSSQQQUUUAAANNNKKK. Then I realize she actually trying so I won’t say a word, because I know if I do anything she’ll snitch on me next time I do something. So my solution is to blare music up in my room until she stops playing just so she can complain.Image result for pictures of recorders

Next year I won’t have to deal with it, because I’ll be in seventh and my sister will be in fifth so no more RECORDER!!!!!! I’ll be so happy when It’s gone. If any of you reading this have younger sisters you understand what I’m trying to say.

Thank goodness it’s the third nine weeks so she can stop playing her danged recorder. The thing is I know one of these days she’s going to get out her recorder and start annoying me again. I just hope that day never ever comes.

image website: http://www.peripole.com/items/category_view/159

When I’m 30

Today I’ll be writing a blog post on if I was Thirty. I woke up went to work and you know what I was thinking I wish I was in grade school again, because work stinks. I drove to work that’s takes an hour. If you were wondering I’m a prosecuting attorney.

The lawsuit I’m working on is a car wreck and I’m the prosecuting attorney. I’m thinking about how the judge is going to react. Finally after three hours I’ve won the case.

I’m home and I see my wife in the driveway playing with the kids. I hug my wife, kiss my kids, and watch T.v. We all have supper it’s tacos. My kids start fighting immediately as the food comes out over who gets the biggest taco. the fighting went on for like ten minutes so I said I get the biggest taco.

After supper I took my shower put the kids to sleep and then I fell to sleep on the couch watching The Big Bang Theory. I hope you enjoyed this post on if I was thirty.

Girl On The Sidewalk

One day there was a girl named Jane
Something happened and she fell to the pavement
She hit the ground so hard I felt pain
I ran so fast after that happened
I called an ambulance
Freaking out didn’t know what to do
When they came they said she looked ambulant
And I thought to my self did they think it through

One day a girl was sitting on the sidewalk pleading for food
she had ragged clothes and was constantly twitching
As soon as she saw me she started crying and she said to me can I have some food
I gave her ten bucks and started asking her what was wrong
she said she wasted all her money on gambling
I soon as I left I started thinking I shouldn’t have gave her that ten bucks.


My Hobby


Today in this blog post I’ll be talking about my hobby. My hobby is reading. Right now I’m reading a book series called Skeleton Creek.

Really why I like the book Skeleton Creek is, because every 50 pages or so there’s a video that contributes to the book. It’s a scary book so if you read it don’t watch the videos at night. I’m on the 4th book but there’s 7. My friend Braeden is on the 5th book. I really only like either action, comedy, or scary.

I think scary books are the best, because it always leaves you thinking. I hope you enjoyed this post on my hobby. I hope you enjoyed.