The Snitching Sister

Four years old sitting in the living room
Watching my favorite TV show minding my own business
When my sister comes in bites her self
Then with all the air she had in herself she started screaming MOM bubba bit me
So theres me thinking Elvis has left the stage I’m getting whipped
Then I see dad running as fast as I have seen him run to this day
With no hesitation the worst pain came over me and I started crying
One month later she tried the same thing but this time she got whipped.

Dear Grandpa,

Dear Grandpa,

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You are an amazing grandpa and I’ll show it in this letter.

You taught me to build things. The time we made a solar panel charger for an apple phone you taught me to solder wires, run different machines, and not burn my self on one of the machines. You really helped me make it.

I could have never made the phone charger without you.  You are a big inspiration for me and I really appreciate it. I hope you realize how awesome you are.

Your favorite grand child,