Sitting in class catching some “Zzz”
when I suddenly heard over the intercom
Can you send Austin to the office please.
Walking down the hallway feeling under the weather
Then I start thinking this day is getting better and better.                  I reach the office thinking Elvis has left the building
Then I see my mom sitting there
I think why can’t the office get out of my hair
She says come on Austin lets go home.


Today in this blog post I’ll be talking about a video my class watched. It’s an awesome video on kindness that I think all of you should watch. I hope you enjoy.

This video is talking about a man named Michel who loves basketball. HImage result for Disabled Basketball Player is Given Help by Opposing Player to Score a Shote got to play the final game of regular season. His team tried to give him the ball but he couldn’t make the shot, but the last turnover another boy named Jonathan yelled his name and threw him the ball and then Michel made the shot.

I really believe that that was an awesome act of kindness. Thank you reading this post on kindness. I hope you enjoyed.


Link to the video:

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The Tone In Book

In this blog post I’ll be talking about the tone in my book. The book I’m currently reading is called “Middle School Get Me Out Of Here” by James Patterson. The tone of my book changes a lot and I mean A LOT.

The tone of my book in the beginning is really sad if you read the first book “Middle School The Worst Years Of My Life”. Were I’m at which is almost in the middle is really happy, because he gets into a new art school. This book’s tone changes drastically throughout the entire book, but that’s why James Patterson is a great author.

I really recommend the whole series, because of the humor, drama, tone, and defiantly the main character. Thank you for reading my blog post on the tone of my book. I hope you enjoyed.

The Snitching Sister

Four years old sitting in the living room
Watching my favorite TV show minding my own business
When my sister comes in bites her self
Then with all the air she had in herself she started screaming MOM bubba bit me
So theres me thinking Elvis has left the stage I’m getting whipped
Then I see dad running as fast as I have seen him run to this day
With no hesitation the worst pain came over me and I started crying
One month later she tried the same thing but this time she got whipped.

Dear Grandpa,

Dear Grandpa,

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You are an amazing grandpa and I’ll show it in this letter.

You taught me to build things. The time we made a solar panel charger for an apple phone you taught me to solder wires, run different machines, and not burn my self on one of the machines. You really helped me make it.

I could have never made the phone charger without you.  You are a big inspiration for me and I really appreciate it. I hope you realize how awesome you are.

Your favorite grand child,



A Letter To Mr. McGuire 2

Dear Mr. McGuire,

 The book I’m currently reading is called “The Secret Of The Fortune Wookie” by Tom Angleberger. This book is really comedic and I think alot of people would like it. This book happens exactly after “Darth Paper Strikes Back”. The main character I’ll be talking about is Harvey.

 Harvey is a mean, obnoxious, and always bragging 6th grader that goes to McQuarrie Middle School. Whenever Harvey finds something embarrassing like when Lance takes ballet lessons and gets caught by Amy he immediately tells everyone about it. All of the people he hangs out with don’t like him. Harvey is normally a jerk, but sometimes he does nice things.

 I think Harvey and I aren’t alike, but we do have some similarities. Harvey and I really like video games, because when Harvey could of made Dwight’s mom send Dwight to C.R.E.F. instead he tried to persuade the school board to let people play games on the schools computers again. I also like video games, because whenever I’m aloud to play on my tablet I try to get my parents to let me have extra time. Harvey makes fun of kids and I don’t. Harvey doesn’t play any sports, but I play football.

 If I was the main character of the book Dwight would still be at the school. The book wouldn’t be as interesting if I was the main character and the case files wouldn’t be as funny with out Harvey’s sarcastic comments. I think if I was Harvey people would like me better and Dwight wouldn’t be made fun of for being weird.

 I honestly think if it wasn’t for Harvey the book would be anticlimactic. I really think you should read this book, but of coarse you have to read the first book before you read this one. Thank you for reading this letter and I hope you enjoyed.

Your Friend,

Austin C.

A Bad Day

Going to school
Get a bad grade
Start to get bullied
In the class room I stayed

Talked to the teacher they did nothing
Went to recess tripped on my shoe string
Started to cry well isn’t that something
Try to go to the office then last period began

Went home told my mom
My sister comes over and says suck it up
I get so angry I’m like a ticking time bomb
so my mom told me to rest

The Bad Grade

I got a paper today
And it had a bad grade
I asked my friend to trade
He said no so I threw it away

When I got home
I only prayed
That my parents didn’t go online to check my grade
If I only read my study tome

The Birthday Surprise!!!

I wake up feeling good
Do my usual morning stuff
Eating my breakfast, doing my hair, brushing my teeth
Start walking down the stairs not knowing if I should

When suddenly out of the blue
SURPRISE!!!! my family screamed
I jump back and fall on my butt
They all start laughing while I don’t have a clue